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5 reasons to study at Xaverian College

1. High Performing

Top 10% nationally for student achievement.  Excellent results at all levels, from Level 1 to University Science courses and in both academic and applied subjects.  Always above national averages.

2. Friendly & Welcoming

A genuine community where every individual is cared for and supported to success.  Our caring ethos is central to college life, and at Xaverian you will be welcomed into a diverse and exciting community that values every individual and an environment that will support you in every way.

3. Unique Campus

Set in the heart of Manchester and with a rich history going back over 150 years.  A mixture of new and modern buildings together with historic grade one listed buildings, superb facilities and lots of space makes this an attractive and successful sixth form college.

4. Teaching & Learning

Dynamic, engaging lessons delivered by enthusiastic staff, passionate about their subjects and their students.  Teachers providing extensive academic, pastoral and extracurricular activities to ensure students fulfil their potential and achieve their goals.

5. Raising Expectations

A college environment that seeks to prepare students for the next stage in their careers by fostering their maturity, encouraging independent learning skills and seeking to develop the whole personality.

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