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5 reasons to study at Xaverian College

1. High Performing

Top 10% nationally for student achievement.  Excellent results at all levels, from Level 1 to University Science courses and in both academic and applied subjects.  Always above national averages.

2. Friendly & Welcoming

A genuine community where every individual is cared for and supported to success.  Our caring ethos is central to college life, and at Xaverian you will be welcomed into a diverse and exciting community that values every individual and an environment that will support you in every way.

3. Unique Campus

Set in the heart of Manchester and with a rich history going back over 150 years.  A mixture of new and modern buildings together with historic grade one listed buildings, superb facilities and lots of space makes this an attractive and successful sixth form college.

4. Teaching & Learning

Dynamic, engaging lessons delivered by enthusiastic staff, passionate about their subjects and their students.  Teachers providing extensive academic, pastoral and extracurricular activities to ensure students fulfil their potential and achieve their goals.

5. Raising Expectations

A college environment that seeks to prepare students for the next stage in their careers by fostering their maturity, encouraging independent learning skills and seeking to develop the whole personality.

Student Support

Student Services

Student services is your first port of call on almost any issue. Here you can find out how to do anything connected with college life including:

  • information on timetabling
  • advice on exams
  • medical assistance
  • paying for trips or activities

College Counsellor

Our College counselling service provides a safe and confidential service to students who may be experiencing difficult issues which are having impact on their college work or personal life.

Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk privately to someone who is really listening to you, who values you as you are, and is not making any judgements about you.

Our counselling service is available by appointment any time during college hours and based in Counselling Rooms 1 and 2 on the first floor of Sunbury. You can arrange an appointment by emailing, by visiting one of our counselling rooms in person, or by speaking to your pastoral manager.

The Counselling Team

Marianne Garside MBACP (Senior Counsellor)

Patrick Clark MBACP

Financial Support

Studying at sixth form college can mean having to spend money on travel, lunch and books but there are various ways in which you may be able to receive financial support when attending college. At Xaverian we have a dedicated staff to help you get the financial support you may be entitled to. Support includes:

  • 16-19 Bursary Fund
  • Learner Support Funds
  • Child Care Support
  • Travel

16-19 Bursary Fund

The 16-19 Bursary Fund is a contribution to college related costs incurred by students. There is a guaranteed £1200 which we are obliged by the government to pay to those students who qualify. Separate from this the college has been given limited funds to distribute at our discretion. All bursaries are linked to attendance, punctuality and behaviour. There are a number of bursaries available for students to apply for and are split into the following categories:

£1200 Bursary – Students who fall within the following criteria will be eligible to receive a Bursary of £1200 per year: a) Young People in Care, b) Care Leavers c) Young People who live independently and receive Income Support (or Universal Credit) in their own right. d) Disabled young people in receipt of both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance (or Personal Independence Payments).

£15 per week Discretionary Bursary – The following students who are not in receipt of the Full £1200 Bursary are eligible to receive a Bursary of £15 paid weekly:

  • a) Students who are eligible for Free Meals at college.
  • b) Students from a household where the total salary is below £16,190.
  • c) Students from a household where the total salary is between £16,191-£18,000 and there are more than 2 children under the age of 18 living in the household.
  • d) Students from a household where the total salary is between £18,001-£21,000 and there are more than 3 children under the age of 18 living in the household.
  • e) A registered carer for a relative.

For our Bursary guide click here

For our Bursary Application form click here 

Learner Support Funds

The Learner Support Fund is an additional college fund that offers financial support to students. The fund can help with things such as transport costs, trips and visits, interviews, the costs of specialist equipment and even living expenses. Assistance can also be provided in case of a sudden emergency and students can receive both Bursary and Learner Support Funds. Each application is considered on an individual basis and is dependent on personal circumstances.

If you would like to make an application for support you can get the application form from the Attendance and Student Finance Office after you have enrolled with us. Funds are available throughout the year and can be accessed as and when you need them. Each case is considered on an individual basis and is dependent on personal circumstances.


There are no free travel passes for students in full-time further education unless you have a disability. However, all full time 16-18 students from Manchester can apply for the TFGM Scholars permit which allows travel to college as follows:

  • Bus: half fare
  • Train: half fare
  • Metro link: half fare

Applications forms are available from TFGM travel shops.

Young Person Bus Saver Card – Students studying full-time can obtain a “System One” travel cards to entitle them to unlimited travel on any bus throughout Greater Manchester. Current cost of the “Young Person Bus Saver Weekly” is £13.00 Tickets can be bought from TFGM travel shops. Other discounted travel cards are available from the individual bus operators (e.g. Stagecoach – ‘Mega-rider’)

Travel Bursaries

Any student experiencing difficulties with funding their travel and whose cheapest method of travel to college exceeds £15 per week may be entitled to a subsidy. A monthly allowance is available, subject to attaining college attendance targets. *All students travelling from Derbyshire will be entitled to the subsidy. Application forms will be available from the college at enrolment in August/September and throughout the year from the Attendance and Student Finance Office.

Child-Care Support

Any student, male or female, who is the parent of a child who requires childcare, may apply for financial support through the Government “Care to Learn” childcare scheme. Up to £160 per week plus travel is available for each student in full-time education. For more details and an application form use the web-site – Care To Learn – for further information speak to Mr Gornall.

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