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5 reasons to study at Xaverian College

1. High Performing

Top 10% nationally for student achievement.  Excellent results at all levels, from Level 1 to University Science courses and in both academic and applied subjects.  Always above national averages.

2. Friendly & Welcoming

A genuine community where every individual is cared for and supported to success.  Our caring ethos is central to college life, and at Xaverian you will be welcomed into a diverse and exciting community that values every individual and an environment that will support you in every way.

3. Unique Campus

Set in the heart of Manchester and with a rich history going back over 150 years.  A mixture of new and modern buildings together with historic grade one listed buildings, superb facilities and lots of space makes this an attractive and successful sixth form college.

4. Teaching & Learning

Dynamic, engaging lessons delivered by enthusiastic staff, passionate about their subjects and their students.  Teachers providing extensive academic, pastoral and extracurricular activities to ensure students fulfil their potential and achieve their goals.

5. Raising Expectations

A college environment that seeks to prepare students for the next stage in their careers by fostering their maturity, encouraging independent learning skills and seeking to develop the whole personality.

High Achievers

Excellence at Xaverian

 ‘There is only one 21st century skill – the ability to act intelligently when you are faced with a situation for which you have not been specifically prepared’   Seymour Papert

At Xaverian College we want to ensure that all students have the opportunity to flourish and continue to develop so that they leave college with the high level skills as well as the outstanding qualifications that are required to become the leaders of the future.  There are a number of ways Xaverian works to ensure excellence.

The Tutorial Programme

The tutorial programme is designed to stretch, challenge and encourage students to think in new and creative ways about your subjects, problems and issues.  The overall objective of our bespoke programme is to encourage the Xaverian mindset; a mindset that embraces the new, is resilient when faced with difficulties, and in which you understand that you are in control of your own learning.

You will meet on a bi-weekly basis and take part in a variety of activities that cut across subject areas and will stimulate your thinking.

This philosophy underpins so much of the work we do in tutorial. What you learn in your subjects is crucial to your exam success; how you use that knowledge will be the key to your future.

Subject support in the Curriculum

All subject areas offer specific support for students – whether you are hoping for a B grade or an A*.  This support is designed to show you how the subject works outside the specific constraints of the A level specification and to get you thinking like a university undergraduate.  Do you love History? Well, stop being a student of History and start becoming an Historian. What about Chemistry? Stop learning about Chemistry and start being a Chemist.

High Achievers Enrichment

In addition to the extensive college enrichment programme a variety of events are specifically targeted at the needs and interests of high achievers, allowing you to see how your subject interests extend outside the curriculum enrichment. In the last couple of years these events have included.

  • A lecture programme featuring contributions from University Lecturers
  • Manchester University archaeologist workshop
  • Model United Nations
  • Thinking Skills Workshop
  • High achievers workshop with Royal Bank of Scotland

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Many Xaverian students take part in the EPQ. This is a stand alone AS level that allows you to work independently on an aspect of your A level subjects that may not be on the syllabus. You will produce an extended piece of work that will involve extensive research and structuring of complex ideas. Recent topics that our students have chosen include;

  • Are Shakespeare’s comedies funny?
  • How can we encourage political engagement in the UK?
  • How has the cloning of cattle affected British agriculture?

There is no better way to develop yourself as an independent learner and prepare for university. If you complete an EPQ successfully then you can really claim that you have made it as a self-sufficient learner, ready to tackle anything life throws at you. If that isn’t the aim of education, then what is?

Preparation For Top Universities

Xaverian has a proud history of sending many students to top universities. At the moment almost 30 former Xaverian are studying at Oxford and Cambridge. Just last year some 46 of our students were offered places at one of the top 20 universities in the world – from Imperial College to the LSE. To help this progress we have an extensive programme to guide you and prepare you with the skills that are necessary so you can make a competitive application. These include;

  • Active partnerships with Corpus Christi College, Oxford
  • Workshops with St Anne’s College, Oxford
  • Students accepted on Sutton Trust Summer School
  • An Oxford and Cambridge mentoring scheme.

Xaverian – a hub for Science and Languages

The North West Science Network

Xaverian College is now the Greater Manchester hub for Pembroke College (Cambridge University) and Corpus Christi’s (Oxford University) North West Science Network. Throughout the next two years we will be running a programme of lectures, lab visits, teacher and student days and maths and science summer schools, in Manchester and down at Oxford.  Xaverian students will work collaboratively with Greater Manchester based institutions to promote science as a discipline and career, enrich students knowledge of STEM subjects and to support the decision making process when it comes to progression choices.  The NWSN is led by Oxford but is delivered in conjunction with a range of competitive universities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Cambridge and Edinburgh.




Cambridge Languages Widening Participation Project.

As part of a national incentive to increase participation in Modern Languages, Cambridge University is establishing language hubs around the country to develop and encourage language learning.  Xaverian College was chosen as the link centre for the North West Widening Participation for Languages Project, based on years of excellent A-level results with traditional language subjects, and also as a result of a healthy alternative languages programme (where students are encouraged to take examinations in their native language)

The language project will involve 80 linguists from schools and colleges in and around Manchester. These students will be invited to Xaverian and will embark on language learning sessions, taught by Cambridge staff with the aim of increasing uptake at both GCSE and A-level. Not only will traditional languages be the focus during these sessions, but students will be given the opportunity to experiment with more unusual languages, such as Japanese or Czech. Staff from Cambridge university will be leading and teaching the sessions and Xaverian looks forward to hosting the events.

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