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Geography Trip to Barcelona

U6 Geography Students took another step closer to their exam by travelling Spain where they spent a week studying and interpreting the Barcelona landscape in preparation for their research paper.

Head of Geography, James Foster shares his experience of the trip.

“Our students recently arrived home from an exhilarating whistle stop tour of Barcelona. Soon after arriving we were taken to Llobregat Water Plant to see how state of the art equipment was making sure that the people of Barcelona had access to freshwater after the droughts of the past. After a late evening lesson the students had free time to socialise in the local halls of residence in Sitges before retiring for the night.

On the second day we went to look at the issues to do with Catalan sovereignty and were guided by a resident and author as well as BBC reporter on the main topics and issues associated with the recent troubles. After lunch there was no restbite for the students as they began to consider the impacts of globalisation on the city and the need for the redevelopment of the El Ravel areas just off the famous Barcelona Las Ramblas in the centre of the city. Experts were on hand to guide students in building up excellent case studies as well as significant knowledge that will prepare them for the exams in the summer.

The final day involved an in-depth look into the regeneration of El Ravel as well as fieldwork before moving on the Olympic village to consider the impacts that the 2012 Olympic redevelopment has had on the fortunes of the city. Students were frestinally taken to the new sustainable city area of Barcelona to look at the impact of the social, economic and environmental programmes put in place over the last few years, which now include offices owned by Amazon and Google.

Students were given an exam to complete which was duly done outside by the pool in the sunshine. After which they were given time to enjoy the weather on the beach before the coach picked them up to take them back to the airport.

It is trips like this that students will remember for years to come. Not only learning new things but also experiencing it first-hand.  The case studies will prove invaluable to them and hopefully encourage them further in developing their knowledge outside of the college.  We have been running trips for several years in the U6 all of which have proven successful in terms of grades and students enjoyment.  This is the first time in Barcelona and not in the mountains but certainly it will be a trip to build on in years to come.”


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