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Media City Careers Day


While everyone else spent their summer moaning they had no money to go out and watching endless sitcoms on Netflix, twelve Media Studies students gave their media careers a real boost by attending a Careers Day at the BBC in Media City in Salford. Thanks to Nancy Cole for telling us all about the trip.

“When we arrived, we were taken for a tour of the children’s studios where we got to meet some of the presenters, producers and directors of CBeebies, CBBC HQ and Newsround. This included a nostalgic trip back to our childhoods by meeting Dodge, who we now sadly now know is’t a real Border Terrier dog from Wigan, but is actually a puppet.

After the tour we went to a Q&A with a panel of senior BBC staff who told us about their job roles, how they got into the media and their time in the industry. The senior panel was then followed by a similar Q&A with a panel of millennial staff from the BBC. These were interesting as we were able to find out a lot more about the careers we are looking to go into and the ways we are able to get into the industry.

We then had lunch, which was spent networking with staff at the BBC, where we had the opportunity to talk to people who are currently working in the jobs that we are looking to go into. We enjoyed this part of the day as we were able to ask questions in depth about their roles in a one-to-one conversation. The people we had the opportunity to speak to have a variety of job roles including producers, online content creators, finance,

After the networking session we were given advice about CV’s, applications, apprenticeships, opportunities for work experience and starter schemes, so we knew how to apply for all the exciting jobs we had found out about and.

The day at the BBC was really informative and we had a great time.”

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