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Xaverian’s Christmas Community

With the season of Christmas upon us, the community of Xaverian College have been using Advent to make much needed preparations; new outfits for Christmas parties, presents for loved ones and lots and lots of eating to prepare their stomachs for huge puddings on Christmas day.

Chaplain Esther Knowles said, “The most important preparations for the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, have taken place in the hearts and minds of our staff and students. Through our Tutorial and RE programme, everyone has been busy committing great works of charity and making promises to take extra special care of their loved ones. All of their efforts culminated into seven, inclusive, whole college Christmas celebration Masses, taking place over the last week of this term in St. Edward’s RC Church (our much loved neighbour).

These Masses included music from our choir, which can only be described as angelic and as part of our Offertory gifts, we offered our prayers and promises of kindness in the form of Christmas stars which have gone on to decorate the Christmas tree in our Chapel.

One of our masses could not have taken place were it not for the amazing help, talent and kindness of the pupil Chaplaincy Team from The English Martyrs RC primary school in Urmston. This team of enchanting students joined us with their own priest Chaplain, Fr. Kieren Mullarkey (a former Xaverian student) for the morning to assist our choir and our own Chaplaincy Team in creating a special Christmas celebration for the Xaverian Community. They gave us the gift of their own school mission statement which now sits framed in the Xaverian Chapel. Each student had a special gift and talent which helped to make our Mass so special and we hope that they will join us again for lots of different occasions.”

Many thanks to the staff and students of The English Martyrs RC Primary School and on behalf of all at Xaverian College, may we wish every single person a happy and blessed Christmas and a fruitful new year.

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