GCSE Results Day for Prospective Xaverian Students

Congratulations to those Year 11 students receiving their GCSE results this week. Although you were not able to sit your exams in the expected manner, today is still the culmination of many years hard work at high school, and we commend you for your efforts.  

Below is some relevant information for those prospective students who have queries at this time.

Details of when to come to Enrol:

If you have already been offered a confirmed place at Xaverian College earlier in the year, by now you should have received an enrolment invitation and information pack home in the post. If you have been offered a place but are yet to receive this enrolment pack, please email with your details and your query to admissions@xaverian.ac.uk.

For those students on our Waiting List, you should have received a letter in July with details of how you can submit your GCSE results to us via email or post for reconsideration (do not physically bring these in to the College). Places from the Waiting List are always limited, so do ensure you are keeping a back-up College place at this time.

If you have not previously applied to the College, you can email admissions@xaverian.ac.uk with details of your situation, but please note that it is very unlikely we would be able to offer any new places at this late stage.

Prospective students should not turn up to the College unless they have a specific enrolment invitation and appointment. We will not be able to see any ‘walk-ins’ and you would be turned away without an appointment.

If you are worried about your results:

For those students who have been offered a place and are worried about their results or their course options, your enrolment meeting will be the best opportunity for you to discuss this in detail with a specialist member of staff, as well as a team of other supportive senior and careers staff. If possible, we would hope to negotiate and agree an appropriate programme of study for any student that has already been offered a place at Xaverian, even if that is different to your original agreed programme of study.

Some students occasionally want to discuss their options before they come to their enrolment meeting – we would always say to come along to your meeting first as this is the ideal opportunity to discuss your options, and it may be difficult to find time to have a conversation beforehand at this busy time.

If you are on the Waiting List and are unsure of the best options to re-apply for, we encourage you to do your research using our website, University websites and potentially with Careers advisors at your high school. Due to the volume of applicants we have this year, the Admissions team is unlikely to be able to provide any advice to students on the Waiting List at this time.