Xaverian College student praised in Portico Sadie Massey Awards

Lillian Long, a Year 12 student at Xaverian College, has been highly commended in the prestigious Portico Sadie Massey Awards, which aim to encourage a life-long love of reading and writing in young people from all backgrounds.

Established in 2015, the Awards are named after Glasgow-born Sadie Massey and her desire to spread a love of reading and writing. The Portico Library works with Manchester’s most respected ambassadors of children’s and young adults’ writing, with a particular emphasis on exploring stories based in the North of England, past, present or future.

Lillian based her short story in the North of England in an area of the Lake District which is her favourite place to be. Entitled ‘From the East of Derwentwater, the short story looks at the deep desire of a nursing home resident to achieve the unlikely ascent of a formidable mountain in the Lake District, and Lillian said: “I wanted to put a unique voice in the piece so I loosely based it off one of my favourite books, called ‘Drive your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead’ by Olga Tokarczuk.”

Commenting on her achievement, Lillian said: “I was really surprised when I found out I was awarded ‘highly commended’ but I feel very grateful to have been chosen! My teacher encouraged me to get involved with the competition in our creative writing club, mainly to gain experience and also to build up a portfolio. Writing is my main passion and anything that challenges me to write on a singular prompt/subject helps me to leave my comfort zone and expand my style.”

Lillian joined the College in September 2023, after completing her GCSEs at Flixton Girls School and is currently studying A Levels in English Language and Literature, Film Studies and History. Lillian commented: “I study a combined English Language and Literature A Level so you get to study a whole range of areas instead of just one side, and my teacher is really supportive and enthusiastic about it as well. I also love the level of creative freedom we get to have when doing our fiction coursework.

She continued “I don’t know exactly what I’m going to be doing in the future, but I know I want to keep writing and hopefully be able to work in an area where that’s involved in some way.”

Guy Perry, English Teacher at Xaverian College, said: “We always encourage students to participate in the Portico Sadie Massey Awards and it is extremely pleasing to see Xaverian students recognised for their fantastic work again this year. Competitions present something rather beautiful to the critical and curious mind, and the freedom they offer to explore ideas and texts allows students like Lillian to truly challenge themselves outside of the classroom.”

Jersey Tambue

Xaverian student sets sights on a degree apprenticeship and career in law

Xaverian students are working hard during the current exam season to gain the high grades that will see them take up places at prestigious universities across the UK, however Jersey Tambue is choosing the alternative route of a Degree Apprenticeship, with international law firm, DWF, to achieve her ambition of becoming a Solicitor.

Former pupil of The Derby High School in Bury, Jersey is studying A Levels in Economics, French and Psychology at Xaverian. Her interest in law was sparked at an event organised by a law firm where she met a senior member of the firm. Jersey commented:  “We spoke about a former Xaverian Apprentice from the Manchester Office whom I had met during a work experience placement. I later found out that the lawyer I was talking to was a senior member of the law firm and was even on the board of the organisation! I learnt a lot that day about professionalism, kindness and humility and that was definitely a defining moment for me.

“I chose Xaverian as I found that it was a very diverse college and offered the subjects that were most suited to what I wanted to study. I don’t regret it at all! Without Xaverian I wouldn’t have met some of my favourite people and had the experiences that I have had.”

Jersey was familiar with how to apply to university but was less familiar with the process for gaining an apprenticeship. After receiving support from the careers team at the college, she gained an insight into how to write an effective application and advice on video interview techniques and assessment tests. Jersey said: “You have to write individual applications to different companies, all of which will be completely different in terms of their process and what they require from you as a candidate. For DWF, I had to submit a written application, take part in a video interview and attend an assessment centre. The most difficult part is waiting, especially if the outcome is a rejection. It can be quite disheartening especially when everyone is getting university offers back whilst you’re still waiting, but in the end it’s so rewarding to be successful in gaining the position.”

Jersey will be starting a six-year Level 7 Solicitor Degree Apprenticeship with DWF in September. Jersey commented: “For the first four years I will be working towards a Law degree (LLB) and for the remaining two I will be working towards becoming a fully-qualified solicitor. During the apprenticeship, I hope to get involved with charities and work with younger people to really spread the word about degree apprenticeships.”

She continued: “After my apprenticeship, I plan to continue practicing as a lawyer, hopefully within a very interesting team and working on some fascinating cases and projects. My advice to others is to make good use of time! Try looking at sixth forms or university courses/apprenticeship opportunities a little earlier and do your research in the summer so you can get involved before exams and assessments take up your time – you’ll thank yourself later!”

Jo Leach, Careers Lead at the college, said: “We are delighted that Jersey has been successful in securing a degree apprentice with DWF. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain a recognised degree and take part in paid work experience, whilst following a defined career route into being a solicitor. As a sixth form college, we are seeing an increasing number of students choosing higher and degree apprenticeships as an effective and fulfilling route into kick-starting their careers, and one that we, as a careers team, can support throughout the whole process.”

Xaverian students gain places on medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine degrees at university

Xaverian students have again been successful at gaining offers on competitive medicine, dentistry and veterinary courses at some of the UK’s top universities.

Between the 27 students who applied for courses, a total of 61 offers of places were received, impressing the universities with their UCAS applications and some of the toughest interviews students face for degree courses at university. To stand out further, students enhanced their applications with significant volunteering activities, work experience and rigorous admissions tests.

Xaverian students with ambitions to gain places on these courses are encouraged to join the college’s Medics, Dentists and Vets (MDV) programme which, as well as providing students with relevant work experience and volunteering opportunities, offers access to lectures, events and webinars and mentoring by current medical students to gain a thorough understanding of the professions and the application process. The final part of the programme comprises interview preparation sessions leading up to the interviews which take place from December to March. 

Former St Peter’s High School pupil, Izodosa Osarenmwinda, is currently studying A Levels in Chemistry, Biology and Geography and is planning to study medicine at university to eventually become a doctor and commented: “I’m currently interested in obstetrics and gynaecology, however, I’m open to other specialities and I’m excited to venture into the career.

“Receiving offers from Exeter, Birmingham, and Bristol medical schools is honestly a dream come true. It’s so rewarding to see my efforts pay off and I’m proud that I’ve made it this far. I’m looking forward to starting the course in September and fully immersing myself in the university experience. The MDV programme has helped me with interview preparation, which I’m grateful for, as well as visiting medical students who went through what I did, and this motivated me to try my best.”

Bilal Munawar, from the Dean Trust Ardwick school and studying A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics at Xaverian, is one of a record five students gaining offers from Xaverian to study Veterinary Medicine, said: “Having to get through veterinary medicine admissions seemed daunting at first, but support from the MDV programme and advice from those who have succeeded in this career path, has pushed me to improve far beyond what I could have imagined, enabling me to improve and use the skills I have learned to help me succeed. To future members of the MDV group, work hard, stay motivated and never give up!”

A Level Biology, Chemistry and Geography student, Mary Seymour from Marple Hall High School said: “The staff at the college have helped me the most, by always being happy to answer and help with any questions I have. The MDV programme at Xaverian, in particular, has helped me and made the whole application process much easier by supporting me through every step of the process. After university, I hope to progress to be a dentist and I’m excited to explore further specialities whilst I’m at university to find out what interests me the most.”

Priyanka Nayar, Co-ordinator of the MDV programme, said “We are immensely proud of our students for their hard work and dedication. They have had great success in admissions tests and have excelled at interviews whilst consistently achieving high grades in their A Level studies. Their achievements are even more exceptional as 17 of the students receiving offers are the first in their families to apply for university. Hopefully this will inspire future students that, with hard work and high grades, studying at higher education is within reach for all students.”

College Principal, Tony Knowles, commented, “I’m delighted and proud that so many of our students have been successful in gaining offers for these incredibly competitive courses at medical schools across the UK. The universities’ selection procedures for these degree courses are so rigorous that it is programmes like Xaverian’s MDV Programme that can really make a difference to students’ chances of gaining a place and achieving their career ambitions.”

Geography students at Derwentwater

Xaverian Geography students explore ancient glacial movements in the Lake District

Year 12 Geography students recently ventured on a field trip to the Lake District to collect data on the movement of ice from the last ice age between 11,700 and 115,000 years ago.

The students, who are all studying A Level Geography at Xaverian, made the trip to gather data for analysis as part of their Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) to establish the effect the movement glaciers had on landscape features in locations such as Honister Valley, Newlands Valley and Easedale near Keswick. The group of students stayed at the Derwentwater Youth Hostel during the four-day field trip and were treated to some stunning sunrises over nearby Derwentwater.

The students had already chosen subjects and researched them before going on the trip. They worked in one of four fieldwork groups where they collected data on specific features of ice movement that they would use to write their NEA. ‘Drumlins’ students looked at measuring the direction of flow and interpretation of ice retreat. ‘Ice Direction’ students interpreted the past behaviour of ice using Roches moutonnées and striations measuring angles and direction of flow. The ‘Fluvioglacial’ group documented the position, size and features of sediment eroded from the landscape and deposited through glacial meltwater. The final group looked at ‘Hydrology’ where they interpreted the impacts and effects of different land use on the drainage basin dynamics.

Year 12 A Level Geography student and former pupil of Glossopdale School, Caitlin Swan is also studying A Levels in Computer Science, Mathematics and Further Mathematics at Xaverian. Caitlin was part of the Hydrology group who studied the impacts of a disused mine on water pollution and how a treatment scheme can improve the water quality. Caitlin commented: “We gathered data from the area including the salinity, pH and metal content of the river, which we would use to write up an analysis of what we found back at the college.

“I found the trip fascinating, and it was amazing to be out in the field putting our learning into practice. I felt like a true geographer, especially in the snow! Following Xaverian, I’ve been inspired to continue studying Geography at university, perhaps related to sustainability, and I hope to go into a ‘green’ career or one that involves computer science.”

James Foster, Curriculum Leader for Geography at Xaverian, commented: “The fieldwork in the Lake District is an annual trip that all A Level Geography students participate in to gather data which is an essential part of completing their NEA. We have over 60 students looking at different aspects of glaciation whilst another 60 consider carbon, water and urban studies elsewhere.

“The students applied themselves admirably to the tasks they were set, in some challenging weather conditions on the mountains in the Lake District, and they also gained valuable insights into the role of a Geographer and the practicalities of gathering of data through fieldwork. The trip was a huge success with lots of data gathered, and the students really benefited from taking part in the experience.”

To round off the trip and to appreciate the size and power of ice movement, the whole group visited a corrie, which is a horseshoe-shaped valley formed through erosion by ice or glaciers. The students observed the results of the erosion on the corrie that was caused because it faces away from the sun allowing the glaciers build up and erode the underlying rock. As one of the largest providers of post-16 education in the region, Xaverian College offers an extensive range of A Levels in addition to several BTEC courses. Visit xaverian.ac.uk to find out more.

Former Xaverian flying high with dream apprenticeship at Amazon

Jasmine Shum, from the Class of 2023, is a former Xaverian who has launched her career with a Higher Apprenticeship with one of the big-five American technology companies. After completing a BTEC in Business at Xaverian, Jasmine in now applying her knowledge and skills in the workplace with a sought-after Marketing Executive Apprenticeship at Amazon.

Jasmine chose to specialise in business at the college by following the BTEC Extended Diploma which meant she was able study the subject in more depth, and it would give her the breadth of knowledge she needed to take the next step into an apprenticeship. Jasmine said: “The course has given me a fascinating insight into business, and I’ve loved that it involves so many different skills, such as being creative, strategic and innovative etc. Every lesson was different, and I was constantly learning new topics and their application in the real world. My teachers have been so supportive, both academically and personally which has really made all the difference when completing my studies.”

After finishing at Xaverian, Jasmine relocated to the company’s head offices in London to start the apprenticeship and said: “It was a bit daunting at first as there was a lot of change all at once, but I quickly found my feet and settled. It’s been an amazing experience so far and I have learned so much about working in a fast-paced marketing environment. As part of the apprenticeship, I am also studying towards a CIM Certificate in Marketing, which is great as I will gain a qualification and can apply the knowledge I learn to my job role in the company.

“I’ve developed so much both professionally and personally through being an apprentice. For example, I get to pitch my ideas to senior managers, which is amazing when they get accepted and they allow me to implement them as part of the marketing strategy. Being an apprentice has enabled me to work in an environment where I can learn and develop new skills, as well as gain the confidence and support to execute them.”

Jasmine’s role at Amazon involves working within a team to manage content carousels and marketing strategies on the Prime Video storefront. Jasmine commented: “I specifically manage a synergy between my team and the socials team across the UK, Spain and France, and have supported the US team so that they can replicate the synergy in their locale. I also manage my own innovation project which involves working with metadata to improve the quality and performance of our marketing strategies to improve the customer experience.

“Even though I’m so early on in my career and only seven months into my role at Amazon, I have had many valuable experiences including taking part in the ‘Ten Years of Amazon Apprenticeships’ event where I spoke to over 300 students, I supported a ‘Future Leaders’ programme where I mentored pupils from inner city schools, I featured in an ‘AboutAmazon’ article offering advice to aspiring apprentices and I co-presented the Amazon Apprentice Awards.

“I love marketing and, through being an apprentice, I’ve got the opportunity to work on so many exciting projects. The skills and opportunities I’ve had are invaluable and I definitely feel that it’s been better for my career than if I’d gone to university. I now know I’d like to work more specifically in events, socials or public relations in a role where I get to lead campaigns on seasonal and diversity, equality and inclusion themes, as it’s something I’m really passionate about.”


Xaverian student takes on a higher apprenticeship to launch an exciting career in law

Xaverian students are opening their eyes to the many exciting alternatives to university being offered by Higher and Degree Apprenticeship opportunities.

Xaverian students have traditionally progressed onto degree courses at university before they start their careers, but Temi Kila has chosen to go down the apprenticeship route with international law firm, Pinsent Masons, on a structured career path to become a qualified paralegal. Temi commented: “I chose to do an apprenticeship because it was an alternative route into law that meant I was getting valuable experience working alongside experienced professionals and a qualification that was paid for. I had initially applied for university, but I knew it wasn’t for me and wouldn’t give me the practical skills I needed to excel in a career in law.”

Temi, a former pupil of Wright Robinson College who gained A Levels in History, Psychology and Sociology at Xaverian, commented: “I chose to study at Xaverian based on excellent reviews from ex-students, plus I liked the topics that were taught within the subjects I had picked. It was also an inclusive college with a diverse mix of students from different backgrounds where I met lots of new friends.

“I found the topics covered in both Sociology and History to be really interesting and ones I enjoyed learning about. I loved the fact that the topics covered in Sociology were always relevant to society making it easier to understand, and we had many fascinating debates where we could bring our own experiences into the discussion.

“When I came towards the end of Year 13, I spoke to the college’s careers team who helped me to find suitable apprenticeships, and they supported me to do well in interviews when previously I had been unsuccessful.”

Temi was keen to start working whilst also continuing her studies at a higher level and chose the higher apprenticeship at international law firm, Pinsent Masons LLP within their Vario practice group because it offered an introductory route into law with the option to remain a qualified paralegal or progress onto the solicitor apprenticeship at the end of the two years. Temi said: “I chose Pinsent Masons because of its reputation of having a positive work environment for its employees. Its approach to mental health and promoting a work ethic that every employee should enjoy their job, has made me enthusiastic about every day I spend here!”

Temi currently works in the Finance and Projects department and works closely with the law firm’s solicitors, assisting them on legal matters and real legal transactions, and said: “I also work on related tasks like drafting articles or tracking legislation changes which we call Business Development. I am also studying the Paralegal Apprenticeship Standard at the University of Law and this will take two years to complete. At the end of the course, I’ll be a qualified paralegal meaning I can progress to become a Senior Paralegal and eventually a Paralegal Manager. Alternatively, I could join the Solicitor Apprenticeship for five years and become a qualified solicitor.

“Being at Xaverian has helped me a lot. It has improved my social and academic skills and given me the confidence to pursue my career goal of working in law. The Apprenticeship at Pinsent Masons has been the perfect start to my career, and I’m really excited about the future and where it will take me.”

Creative workshop sheds light on Holocaust stories of ‘Liberation and Freedom’

Philosophy, Ethics and Theology students at Xaverian College recently had the opportunity to attend workshops as part of a creative arts projects led by Holocaust Art Educator, Caroline Slifkin, and Hannah Goldstone, whose grandfather came to the UK on the Kindertransport, which was a rescue effort of children from Nazi-controlled territory that took place in 1938–1939 during the nine months prior to the outbreak of the Second World War. Hannah and Caroline have worked together on various Holocaust Education projects for decades and, after receiving funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, launched the Liberation and Freedom Project. 

The purpose of the project is to look at the complex subject of liberation through the art of Holocaust survivors and liberation and war artists. After learning about the subject and listening to Hannah share her grandfather’s experiences, the students reflected on what they had heard and expressed their own thoughts through the creation of art that will be displayed, alongside the art of 11 other schools and colleges participating in the project, at the Yom HaShoah Remembrance event at the Bridgewater Hall on 7 May 2024.

Year 13 student, Denise Andrade from Manchester and studying A Levels in English Literature, Psychology Philosophy, Ethics & Theology, commented: “I took part in the project to experience a part of history that cannot be forgotten. I think more people should take part in similar projects as it allows us to creatively engage with an uncomfortable past that must be remembered.”

Seb Dixson from Hyde, studying A Levels in Philosophy, Ethics & Theology, Business and Politics in Year 12, took part in the activity to support his A Level studies, and said: “I found the talk about the Holocaust truly fascinating to be honest and would thoroughly recommend it to other students to fully understand what happened at the time. Creating the artwork was thought-provoking and enabled us to attach meaning to what we talked about.”

Mo McDevitt, Philosophy, Ethics and Theology Teacher at Xaverian College, said: Our students worked exceptionally well at creatively reflecting on the complex subject of War and Liberation. Caroline and Hannah’s thought-provoking sessions helped to stimulate group discussion through the use of survivor testimony and art that inspired our students to express their thoughts and ideas through the creation of their own art pieces. We look forward to our continued work with Holocaust Education in supporting our students with their studies and contributing to the outcomes of the project.”

Up-and-coming musicians strike chords beyond the classroom

Xaverian students have set their sights on success by forming bands and increasing their following on Spotify. The students all attend Xaverian College to study a mix of A Levels and BTEC courses whilst all sharing the burning ambition to be successful in the music industry.

Founded when they were in Year 10 at St Ambrose College by Cole Johnson and Elliott Carson, Crook On The Wall is an up-and-coming indie rock band who recently released their debut single, ‘Imperial Mind’, on October 14th.

Since its release, the single has gained lots of traction on streaming platforms and has featured on Radio X and numerous local radio stations. The band is now preparing to play at their first festival this year and gigs across their hometown of Manchester.

The future looks promising for Crook on the Wall, a young band that originally set out to play covers whilst busking. Now, with aspirations to release a full album in the future, they are putting all of their energy into growing their audience.

Cole commented: “We’re really excited for the future! We’ve all put so much time and effort into making music and are really proud of what we have achieved so far.

“We’re really lucky that Xaverian has been so supportive. We chose to study at the college because of the diverse community and the sense of freedom to find yourself alongside your studies.”

Elliott added: “The Teachers are great! They made the transition between school and College as smooth as possible and have helped us find a nice balance between completing our A Levels whilst still prioritising making music.”

Year 13 students Scarlett Reid and Barnaby Simpson have recently hit 30,000 streams on Spotify for recent releases of their new singles. Releasing music under the name of Scarlett Reid, the pair first met on their Film Studies A Level at the College and realised they both had a passion for performing and writing music.

Scarlett commented: “We quickly realised that I sing, and Barnaby plays the piano, so we spent time having fun together by playing music and it sounded really good. Barnaby wrote a song called ‘Without U’ which we then decided to record and release. The song garnered a surprising amount of attention, with over 10,000 streams on Spotify, which led to us releasing three other songs, including ‘Imprints’ which currently has over 22,000 streams on Spotify.”

Both are hoping to record more songs and continue collaborating and developing their style of music.

Barnaby said: “After Xaverian, I will be taking a gap year to go out into the industry to create connections and record in studios to explore opportunities working with Scarlett and other singers. We are looking at branching out and will be looking to do open mic spots to gain more exposure and hopefully get noticed by the industry. We are also planning to go on the College’s Radio show, Radio X, where we will be interviewed, and they will play some of our songs. We are both really keen to promote ourselves and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

In an era where young musicians are breaking barriers and challenging norms, Crook on the Wall and Scarlett Reid stand as a testament to the power of creativity and determination. Keep an eye, and ear, out for their next releases and show your support by streaming their music online.

Former student returns to Xaverian to share experiences

Mia Dahl Martinsen, former Xaverian A Level student, has returned to the college to do a work experience placement as a Graphic Design Assistant as part of the third year of her Graphic Design Degree at Kingston University in London. Mia, 21 from Timperley and former Knutsford Academy High School pupil, studied A Levels in Graphic Design, Law and Textiles, and is sharing her university experiences and graphic design insights with Xaverian students by leading workshops in skills and techniques.

“I chose to study at Xaverian because it offered lots of options at A Level and it was the perfect stepping-stone to university. In terms of my arts courses, I chose textiles as it looked really interesting was more than just creating fashion, and graphics as it covered both digital and hand drawn art which suited my creative style. I particularly enjoyed the graphics course as we had the freedom to use mixed mediums as part of the project briefs, and I could use the skills I had learned in textiles to create physical pieces to use in my graphics’ designs. I found studying law alongside arts subjects was a nice balance and it gave me a lot of confidence as you have to speak in public.”

Mia will be working at the College for up to four months as a Graphic Design Assistant, where she will be shadowing the teacher in tutorials and also leading workshops on specific skills and giving one-to-one help and advice to students. Mia commented: “I wanted to spend a year in industry so I could get the most out of my degree, by being amongst graphic designers and industry professionals to experience what it is like to work in the industry. My plan is to work at the College for the first half of the year and then spend the other half studying in Portugal. I remember placement students being in some of my classes and I found it really useful to learn from their experiences, the choices they made and the benefits of taking an Art Foundation course, so it’s great for me to be able to do the same for current students.”

“Being at the college for my placement has given me more confidence, especially in public speaking, which is essential in the design world and if I eventually want to go into teaching. I’ve been able to give the students advice about university as I found it was really hard to know what it would be like at university as I didn’t know anyone who had been. I’ve really enjoyed being with the students, even though they are only a few years younger than me, and coming back to the college and being in the same classroom has been quite nostalgic!”

“I know I want to work as a Graphic Designer and but I am undecided about which route in graphic design to take. I think working in an advertising agency would benefit my career as I will be working to defined briefs with design professionals who I can learn a great deal from. Doing the placement at Xaverian and completing my final year at university will help me to do this and ensure I am ready to take the next steps, which I’m really excited about.”

Emma Baker, Xaverian Graphics Teacher and Curriculum Leader, said: “It was great to hear from Mia after completing her studies at Xaverian three years ago, and we were delighted to offer her the work experience opportunity at the college. Mia excelled in her studies while she was with us and it’s amazing for our students to hear from Mia about her experiences at university and to benefit from the skills workshops she is leading. The students have all really benefitted from Mia’s presence in the department, both in terms of their A Level studies and making choices following Xaverian.”

As one of the largest providers of post-16 education in the region, Xaverian College offers an extensive range of A Levels in addition to several BTEC courses.


Xaverian Music students round off the year in style at their RNCM Christmas Concert

Xaverian Music students celebrated Christmas in style with their concert at the Royal Northern College of Music in December. Students impressed with a pre-event jazz band performing jazz classics in the foyer and performances of traditional and modern classics that included: Big Band performing Satin Doll, Soul Band performing an 80s Soul Medley, String Orchestra performing Grimoire conducted by Year 13 student, Adam Spry, Double Violin Concerto Movement 2 performed by Soloists: Music Mentor & Xavs Alumni, Molly Barber and Year 13 student, Bella Seymour, and Concert Choir accompanied by Barnaby Simpson performing This Little Babe & Deo Gracias from A Ceremony of Carols.

Music concerts are a notable feature of life at Xaverian for students who are interested in music as an enrichment activity or who study Music A Level or Music Technology BTEC as one of their subjects. The college’s music department is also proud to be hosting the Music for Youth Festival being hosted by the college on 2 March 2024. Local Manchester bands are being invited to take part in the competition which is one of a number of festivals being hosted by venues across the country. Successful bands will progress through to the national festival at Birmingham Symphony Hall and the Music For Youth Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, London in November.

Those interested in participating in the event should email music@xaverian.ac.uk by February 14th 2024. The festival is suitable for all types of ensembles and musical genres and participants should be aged between 11-21 years.

As one of the largest providers of post-16 education in the region, Xaverian College offers an extensive range of A Levels in addition to several BTEC courses.