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Xaverian College, in line with our Mission Statement and legal responsibilities, has a duty of care to all members of our community with the aim of providing a safe environment in which all can realise their full potential.

The Safeguarding Policy of Xaverian College is intended to ensure the maintenance and promotion of a learning community that provides a safe and secure environment free from all forms of harassment, abuse and discrimination, providing support and guidance for all community members. Mindful of legal responsibilities and based on Gospel values the Safeguarding Policy of Xaverian College is an essential expression of our Mission.

Some useful safety links for parents:

The College has a Prevent strategy that aims to ensure all members of our community are protected and educated regarding extremism. More information concerning the Prevent duty can be found here:

If you have any safeguarding concerns regarding your son or daughter you can discuss these with their Pastoral Manager by calling the College on 0161 224 1781.